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Mission Statement


Chowgule Steamships Limited, which is principally engaged in the carriage of goods by sea, is committed to serve its customers to their satisfaction and mutual optimum benefits and in doing so it has defined, its objectives towards safety and quality as follows :


Fast, safe and intact delivery of the cargo entrusted to it for carriage
b) Ensure the safety and well being of all personnel engaged in the venture through establishing safeguards against all identified risks connected with the ships operations
c) Ensure the protection of the sea and environment.


Management personnel ensure that the above policy is understood, implemented by employees at all levels, including contractual employees, whether on shore or on board the ships owned and managed by the Company. In meeting these objectives, the Company :


Ensures continuous improvement in working practices and management skills including preparing for emergencies related to safety and environment protection.
b) Ensures compliance with mandatory rules and regulations:
c) Takes into account:
  i) applicable codes; and
ii) guidelines and standards recommended by the IMO, the Administration, classification societies and maritime organisations; and
d) Has issued a drug and alcohol policy.
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